Madden NFL 22 – Rewards For EA Play Subscribers And Veteran Players

Madden NFL 22 players who happen to be EA Players subscribers and/or veteran players get bonuses such as Fantasy packs and early game access.

Madden NFL 22 is releasing on August 20th. The game features a significantly improved Franchise mode. It has new features for The Yard and Superstar KO. The Face of the Franchise is part of this year’s release as well. Madden NFL 22 introduces dynamic gameday. This is a new gameplay feature that makes the game more interesting and realistic. Pre-orders have already started. Those who commit to the purchase before the game is released will obtain certain goodies. Veteran players and EA Play subscribers get some bonuses as well.

Madden NFL 22 Comes with Veteran Rewards

Those who have been playing any of the three past editions get the Veteran Bonus. This means that you must have played Madden NFL 19, 20, or 21 to get the bonus. The bonus gets better based on how many of these three games you’ve played. If you’ve played one title, it doesn’t matter which one, you get one Fantasy pack which means that you will have one Elite item for your MUT 22 roster early on. Those who have played any two of the three EA Madden games mentioned above, get two Fantasy packs that have two Elites. Players that complete the trio, get three Fantasy packs.

Madden NFL 22 Bonuses for EA Play Subscribers

EA Play subscribers are eligible for Madden NFL 22 bonuses too. There are two tiers: EA Play and EA Play Pro. The bonuses for the EA Play members include a 10% discount off your Madden NFL 22 pre-order. You will also get to play the game earlier than anyone else. EA Play subscribers get early access starting August 12th. That’s one week earlier than the global release on August 20th. During the early access period, special MUT 22 challenges are available. The bonus gives a special welcome pack too. Subscribers also receive free MUT 22 packs each month. This reward is based on your seasonal progress. EA Play Pro members get early access to the Dynasty edition of the game on August 12th. They also have 10% off for EA digital content. The bonuses from the EA Play membership are also included. Pre-order editions have bonuses too. Madden NFL 22 comes in three versions. The two special versions allow players to start the game on August 17th. Packs, player picks, starting bonuses, and more are part of the pre-order packages.

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